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New Direct Trade Coffee at UPC!

Membership Life committee has partnered with Dessert Oasis to bring direct trade coffee for our fellowship time after worship.  As part of our We Care emphasis we are entering into a relationship with a coffee farm in Colombia. 

This coffee comes to us from an indigenous community “Nasa Wesx” in the Gaitania micro region of Tolima, Colombia. The Nasa Wesx community has an intense focus on taking care of the environment and its conservation through their work. They are producing exceptional coffees; their coffee is organic, but not yet certified as they are working their way through that long process. This coffee is consistently scoring in the high 80’s year after year, and we’re thrilled to be kicking off our first year partnering with this community to bring you this coffee. 


This fully washed, caturra coffee is deeply reminiscent of the clean and well cared for coffee’s coming out of Colombia. We’re tasting lots of stone fruits in the cup along with plenty of deep red fruit like raspberry. We’re also tasting chocolate and pops of tart sweetness reminiscent of a lemon bar.


As always the Membership Life team does provide a basket for your donations for your coffee, now you'll know who is receiving your donations! 

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