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Give to UPC

We support the work of God in our community and our world in a variety of ways with our giving. 

Your gift (regular or one-time) helps us be able to give generously out of the abundance we have so we can be a blessing to others. 

Types of Giving

Learn about the ways UPC uses funds

Regular Giving supports the ongoing operating expenses of the church. It provides maintenance cost for our buildings, funding for our programs and salaries for our staff. In other words, it is essential to the life of the church, ensuring that we can do the things that we as a community of God have pledged to do. Our annual budget is built on the pledges for Regular Giving that we receive during the fall stewardship drive.

Designated Giving allows you to support a particular mission or program of the church with your giving. By designating where you would like the funds to go, you can purchase flowers for the sanctuary, fund Vacation Bible School, support a particular Christian Education program or funnel your contribution directly to one of our existing missions, for example.

Special Collections offer the opportunity to donate to special causes, whether designated givings sponsored by the Presbyterian Church USA or disaster relief for communities hard hit by weather or other natural disasters. We regularly make special collections for the Pentecost Offering, One Great Hour of Sharing, the Peacemaking Offering and the Christmas Joy Offering that go to support special causes sponsored by the Presbytery.

Capital Funds raise money for long-term projects, such as adding air conditioning to the sanctuary and other similar building improvements.

Planned Giving and Endowments offer the opportunity to leave a legacy with your church.  Even a small asset can be turned into a gift that will support your church in perpetuity. The Presbyterian Foundation works with members to establish endowments and planned gifts and offers more information on how leave a legacy for your church.

You can find the UPC Gift Distribution Form HERE.

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