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Spiritual Formation

University Presbyterian Church is committed to deepening our spirituality, which means engaging our whole lives and whole selves as a part of our spiritual formation.

Have questions about what it means to be spiritually formed? Or questions about how we can partner with you in your spiritual journey? Reach out!

We would love to connect you with a spiritual director or with any of our spiritual formation programming!

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We define Spirituality as a posture or awareness of our inner life that helps us discover who we are created to be as image bearers of God. Bringing awareness to the Spirit of God in and among us as we seek to learn, grow, and be shaped in our own spirit through the work of God. It is the freedom to let go of our own ego and pride so that we may embody the Spirit of God in our actions and words; becoming more fully who we were created to be.

Spiritual Formation:

Spiritual formation is the ongoing work of our lives that leads us into deeper connection

with God, self, and others; helping us more fully embody the image of God in which we were created. It is the marriage of identity and activity that shapes us spiritually. This can include intentional practices, as well as formative experiences or anything else that may shape us spiritually.

Spiritual Formation Practices:

Spiritual Formation Practices (or disciplines) help us become more attune to the work of God in our lives and the world around us, then allowing that awareness to move us to action. Spiritual practices prompt us to attend to things like:

  • How might the practices we participate in change the ways we engage with ourselves? Our bodies? Our neighbors? Our family and friends? With God?

  • How might you be called to participate in an active life of faith that is more than mental assent (or agreeing with something)?

  • Notice if you find yourself becoming more aware of your whole self and the way you live and exist in the world as a result of spiritual formation practices, and notice how that influences your life with God and others.

We have a variety of opportunities to participate in, and learn about, spiritual formation practices. Check out our Events Calendar or reach out to our Coordinator of Spirituality & Proclamation to learn more. 

Spiritual Direction:

One of the things we provide to folks in and outside of our community is spiritual direction. Spiritual direction attends to our spiritual life; it looks at our relationship with God, and for the movement and work of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. So, a Spiritual Director helps facilitate attention to and discernment of the Holy Spirit’s work and helps the directee learn how to be more attentive, and become further aware of who God is calling them to be and what God may be calling them to do.

Spiritual Directors can also assist with questions about life and faith as they come up, as spiritual life is a part of the joys, sorrows, and questions of life. Typically people participate in spiritual direction when they want to grow/mature in their life of faith. The main focus of Spiritual Direction is God, as compared to counseling or therapy, which focuses more on the person and/or a particular problem trying to be worked through or solved.

Curious to learn more? Get in touch! We would love to connect with you.

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