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Meet Ann

Ann serves as the Office and Facilities Administrator for University Presbyterian Church. In her role she handles everything from reserving spaces, to fielding phone calls, to communicating with the staff, session, deacons, congregation, and the community. 

My Story

Ann has worked in the UPC office since December of 2000, after volunteering to help the staff get through the holiday season, and never left.  She has been the “constant” through the many changes that have taken place at UPC.

Ann’s job has evolved over the years, but mainly involves communication with the staff, session, deacons, congregation and the community and spends a lot of her time coordinating property management/maintenance and building use.

Ann also works as the UPC Wedding and Funeral Coordinator and is passionate about helping people through all the joyful and difficult times in their lives. 


Ann loves spending time with her husband, Greg and her ever growing family.  When not at UPC you may find her with her six beautiful Grandchildren, playing Pickleball, doing yoga, reading, walking the beach or on a trail somewhere.  She loves family, their family cottage in Port Austin, the outdoors, water, kayaking, playing games, sunshine and 3–4 hour lunches with her friends.


Have any questions about UPC, hosting an event on our property, or anything else related to UPC? Contact Ann! She would be happy to assist you.

248-375-0400 ext. 200

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